Steamed Hot Dogs To Go

Steamed Hot Dogs To Go

Let me tell you about a couple of my friends, starting with Mona. She has lots of energy, two kids, a smile that is contagious and, in my biased opinion, the best karaoke voice in town. She is a brave single mother of two who takes everyday with a positive attitude and never hides her fire. In the words of Glennon Doyle, ‘She is a god damn cheetah’.

Our classrooms are next to each other, and we try to eat lunch together whenever we can. Most of our lunch chats (pre-COVID) would revolve around our daily lessons (the good, the bad, and the ugly), how are we going to feed our families this week (always a challenge), our feelings about the most recent events in our lives, and our genius cooking moments in the kitchen. A lot to pack into a 22 minute lunch break (I know!).

Kelly, another co-worker and lunch buddy, is a thought leader, problem solver and forward thinker. Also a goddamn cheetah. She volunteers hours of her time to bettering education, bringing equal opportunities to all in her community and is also a mother of two young children. Both of these women together are a powerful team. After this website launched, Kelly commented on the post, “Lunchroom dreams really do come true.” It made me smile.

Let’s think about teachers. We are used to looking at a something, like a lesson, and adapting it to fit the needs of those around us. We accommodate, create and design. But being a good teacher is a trap.

It’s a trap because once you get good at redesigning and re-imagining your daily lessons and interactions with students, or become efficient at finding the most effective way to handle situations or teach different topics, you start to do this in other areas of your life too. These methods have transcended into my kitchen. How can I make this recipe in half the time with half the ingredients? And accommodate the different taste buds and dietary needs of those at my table (or not). A post for another time.

I realized that after our many deep lunchroom chats about improving on our lessons, our dinners, ourselves, and our beliefs, none of us feel like we are good enough at what we are doing or know enough about what we are thinking. That we are not good, but we are ‘goodish’ instead.

Dolly Chugh, author of The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias, inspired me to accept being ‘goodish’. It will be an all consuming way of life, but I am here for it. Kelly, thank you for the times when you say to me, “Give yourself permission to not change this assessment. It’s good enough.” A phrase that a ‘goodish’ person needs to hear from time to time.

But, here is one thing I will NEVER change: The Steamed Hot Dog On The Go

Since being introduced to this hack, by Mona, my coolers are not always packed with the same old sandwiches. Concession stands at little league games have been closed, but that hasn’t been a problem. We always pack an extra hot dog for an unexpected guest at our picnic blanket, and no one ever turns it down! It’s a life changing trick to have in your bag of tricks.

Thank you, Mona, for the share of all shares. Not only has it made me more popular where ever I use it, but it has paved the way for Hardly Homemade.

With appreciation for these two women: Kelly and Mona.

Steamed Hot Dogs To Go

August 19, 2020
: 2 min
: 10 min
: 12 min
: Easy

You will need a 12 hour hot/cold water bottle or thermos.


  • Hot dog
  • Boiling water
  • Hot dog buns
  • Toppings of your choice
  • Step 1 Boil water, then put your hot dogs into a 12 hour hot/cold water bottle or thermos. Leave a little wiggle room for the water to go between the hot dogs. Pack up your buns and toppings.
  • Step 2 When water is finished boiling, immediately pour it into the container and cover. Bring the hot dogs in the container to your destination or on the go, and you will have a steamed hot dog ready in as soon as 10 minutes, but will stay hot for hours without overcooking. Enjoy!